Kidzone Creations has been a blessing for us and our brilliant 4 year old son, who has a strong appetite to learn.  Our son, Adam, has been there since they opened in January 2011. Kidszone Creations has provided a stellar learning atmosphere, which upholds the same educational values of yet at an affordable price. Their faith-based curriculum, routine schedule and how they incorporate music to teach, has allowed our son to continue to learn in a constructive setting.  Also, we love that they have an outstanding caring and friendly staff, who can give the kids one on one attention. Kidzone Creations has exceeded our expectations, as a learning facility, and we highly recommend Kidszone Creations for superior care and education for any child.

Aaron and Jackie Campbell

As parents of a Special Needs child, my husband and I were very concerned about finding an appropriate daycare / preschool environment for our son.  We were pleasantly surprised with the flexibility and warmth expressed by the Kidzone Creations staff regarding our unique situation.  They have been very supportive of altering the schedule so that his physical and speech therapists can conduct their visits with him at the daycare site.  We are deeply appreciative for their genuine regard to our son's improvement.

Diana Johnson

KidZone Creations was an easy choice for me.  They are Christian based that also incorporates a homeschooling program.  One of the girls is entering Kindergarten this year, the schooling and activities that were done there have helped her get ready for school and also gotten the youngest interested in school. The staff is friendly and very understanding.  Both the girls are on a special diet because of food allergies.  They were very helpful and accommodating to their needs.  We have recently moved out of state, but if we were in Kansas City
again KidZone Creations would be my 1st choice.

Emily Sutton
Due to the recent decision to relocate to Joplin, Missouri as my husband transitions into a new field of work, Oliver's last day at Kidzone will be December 18, 2015. We have been so pleased with the love and care he has received and this has been a very difficult decision to make. It seems silly to have such strong feelings about somewhere a child has only attended for a few short months but I never had any concerns when I left him each day and I knew he was safe and loved. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do. We will be praying for your continued success in teaching these kiddos about the love of Jesus each and every day.

Thank you,
Tamara Doyen