Our teachers for 2-5 age are guided by the ABC Homepreschool curriculum in conjunction with ABCmouse.com early learning academy. 

View ABC Homepreschool curriculum @ abchomeprechool.com.  It covers all the basics that your child needs to build upon to move to their next level of learning. Your preschooler will be eager for each new lesson and its accompanying stories, songs, and activities. Teachers are very interactive, hands-on learning with the children—with an emphasis on having fun together as a class. Daily math, phonics, and prereading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, and handwriting segments. 

View ABCmouse.com early learning academy @ abcmouse.com. This curriculum is used through a computer projecting on a big screen. This curriculum has a learning path that consists of more than 450 lessons. Each lesson contains several learning activities in reading, math, science, social studies, art and music.

We have a structured environment designed for your child to have a well balance day of learning, social activity and lots of fun! Click on the link below to view our structure of daily activities.

2-5 Daily Activities